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In 2010, Michael Levine and the Dallas Brass created Harmony Bridge, a three-tiered, small ensemble music program focusing on community outreach, primarily targeting the senior community. The three-tiered concept includes:

Musicianship — Playing at a high level, individually and as an ensemble

Showmanship — Engaging audiences with a thoughtful and creative presentation

Interaction — Visiting with audience members following the performance

A library of music was created to serve the mission of Harmony Bridge. The library includes 70 traditional folk songs, arranged for small ensembles. Each piece was chosen to connect with the senior community, but are familiar and loved by all ages.

HB graphic9-08.png
Harmony Bridge Ode to Joy Sample

Alexander's Ragtime Band

A Tisket, A Tasket

Alouettte Meets Itsy Bitsy Spider

Amazing Grace


America Medley

American Patrol March

Arkansas Traveler

Aura Lee

Banana Boat Song

Bicycle Built for Two

Bill Bailey

Cohan Classics

Colonel Bogey March

Cookies 'n' Cream

Down by the Riverside

Frere Jacques

Go Tell Aunt Rhodie

He's Got the Whole World

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Home on the Range

Jingle Bells

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Let There Be Peace on Earth

Little Brown Jug

Liza Jane

London Bridge Rocks!


Mary Had a Little Lamb

Ode to Joy

Red River Valley

Sailing, Sailing


Skip to My Lou

Sweet Betsy from Pike

Swingle Little Star

The Entertainer

The Muffin Man

The Star-Spangled Banner

The Thunderer March

This Old Man

Three Blind Mice March

Twinkling Star

Up on the Housetop

When the Saints Go Marching In

Yankee Doodle Dandy

and more!

Stan Freese2.jpeg

"The Harmony Bridge concept is a welcome addition to music education! I’ve been hiring and producing small groups at Disneyland for over 40 years. No matter how well the kids play, the key is their ability to create their own entity, and to rehearse and polish and execute.  And it’s not only the music, but showmanship…it’s all about entertainment. That’s exactly what Harmony Bridge is teaching."

Stanford Freese

Former Talent Casting and Booking Director





Harmony Bridge focuses on independent musicianship – teaching students to teach themselves and each other; developing their skills in listening, assessment, and creative problem-solving. The arrangements are very accessible in range and technique so the focus can be on playing musically and with good fundamentals.


Beginner:  3 parts (like-instruments or mixed instruments) optional percussion

Intermediate:  4 parts plus percussion*

Advanced: 5 parts plus percussion*


*percussion can be optional but is recommended


The Harmony Bridge method addresses showmanship as well as musicianship; teaching the difference between being a player and being a performer; understanding the importance of connecting with the audience. Clearly these are life skills which go far beyond the music.



Pieces allow for various instrument combinations which develops a sensitivity to balance, particularly when combining woodwinds with brass. Since there are parts for all instruments, the music can also be rehearsed and performed as a full band.



The Trio book, in score form, uses highlighted staves for easy navigation. All books use RED brackets to identify melody which is constantly passed from player to player. The Intermediate and Advanced books useadditional brackets for parallel and similar harmony lines, countermelodies, and other important material to be brought out.


Songs are essentially melody and accompaniment; different styles, toe-tapping, familiar tunes. Everyone gets the melody, interesting parts throughout and builds musical confidence and self-esteem.


NEW Twinkling Star.jpg

Trio Book

Played on woodwinds

NEW Yankee Doodle Dandy.jpg

Intermediate Book

Played on brass

NEW Bill Bailey.jpg

Advanced Book

Played on woodwinds and brass

To view a sample of the sheet music while listening, click on the song title, and then click 

20 songs3 part like-instruments or mixed instruments; 

Optional percussion  

Single Book - $15.00

Score - $20.00

25 songs, 4 parts plus percussion

Single Book - $12.50

Double Books - $15.00

Score - $30.00

25 songs, 5 parts plus percussion

Single Book - $12.50

Double Books - $15.00

Score - $30.00

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Use the calendar below to book a ZOOM or PHONE appointment so we can guide you through the process of bringing Harmony Bridge into your program.


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