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The Dallas Brass Connection

For 34 years I have had the opportunity to share music and bring joy into the lives of others through Dallas Brass. What a journey! We have performed around the world and in some pretty awesome places including Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center; also overseas including Moscow, Rome, Tokyo. We’ve played with many symphony orchestras, had the honor of performing for several U.S Presidents, and have shared a stage with the late Skitch Henderson, Bob Hope and Marvin Hamlisch. ​


We have also played gymnasiums in the smallest of America’s towns. Those are some of the most memorable experiences! We love all our audiences, but small town people have an enthusiasm all their own. Yet wherever we play,  our goal has simply been to inspire others and bring joy.

Over the years, we have invited over 250,000 primary and secondary school students on stage to perform with us in our concerts — from ages 8 - 18. It’s an honor and a privilege each and every time.

Harmony Bridge is the next chapter — it’s about expanding the opportunities for band kids to experience the satisfaction we feel, at their own level and in their own way.


Many of the components of Harmony Bridge come directly from Dallas Brass. Besides the obvious quest for excellence, are showmanship, communicating with the audience, and interacting with the audience after the performance. These types of things have been honed in Dallas Brass and are being passed on through Harmony Bridge.


Involving the students in our concerts has been an opportunity for us to pay it forward. And that is the primary message of Harmony Bridge. Through more performance opportunities, community visibility, new appreciation from others, and self-satisfaction of sharing, the child will see the connection between school and life; between music and life.

— Michael Levine, founder, Dallas Brass and Harmony Bridge

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