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What You Need To Start

Fundraising Amount: The amount of money you need to raise for the Harmony Bridge program

Picture: This image will represent your fundraiser in our browse pages and act as your fundraiser’s main image if you don't add a video.


Video: (optional) Add a video to make your fundraiser more engaging.


Location: Get support from your local community.


Fundraiser Story:

Tell the story about why you're running a fundraiser. Be sure to address these three points:

  • What situation prompted you to start a fundraiser?

  • How does this situation make you feel?

  • How can people help?

Learn more about writing a compelling story.


Your Photo (optional): Providing a photo of yourself adds credibility and trust to your fundraiser.


Funds Recipient: Know who or where the funds are going to be sent. You won’t be able to change this information after you launch your campaign. If you are going to send the money to a non-profit organization here is the information you need to have:

  • Nonprofit name (School Name)

  • Tax ID (EIN for US Nonprofits),

  • Legal First Name (Representative)

  • Legal Last Name (Representative)

  • Date of Birth (Representative)

  • Country of Legal Residence (Representative)


Donation Levels (optional):

Set a donation level to let your donors know their impact or incentivize donors with a reward. Harmony Bridge is willing to help you set up donation levels. Let us know if you are interested.

Learn about the kinds of levels you can offer.


Social Media Accounts: to share the fundraiser on

Facebook Account

Email Addresses

Twitter (Optional)

What You Need To Start
Stock Information You Can Use
Tips on How to Write a Good Story
Donation Levels and How to Use Them

Stock Information You Can Use



Video URL’s:
Harmony Bridge Moments:
Harmony Bridge WENY TV NEWS:
Ep. 260 - "Harmony Beyond Music" (Harmony Bridge):

Fundraiser Story: 
The primary mission of Harmony Bridge is for elementary, middle and high school band students to take their musical skills into the community, to bring joy to the elderly population in senior care centers, as well as other places of need. Through music performances, conversation and interaction, the students will experience the power of caring and sharing, while developing an understanding of their own ability to make their community, and the world, a more loving place.

We need help raising $7500 for the Complete Harmony Bridge program which includes:
● 400 music books
● On-site training
● Continued support

Go to for details about Harmony Bridge


Tips on How to Write a Good Story

Share your story honestly

Describe the situation from your point of view. Tell people the facts about what happened, why you're raising funds, and how you feel.

Be transparent and clear about the funds raised

Break down how the money you raised will be used and where additional funds raised beyond your goal will go.

Talk about the recipient

If you're raising funds for someone else, explain who the recipient is and how you know them. Paint a complete picture for your audience about this person and why they're important to you.
Your story doesn't need to be lengthy to be compelling: two to three meaningful paragraphs can go a long way.

Donation Levels and How to Use Them

What are Donation Levels?

Donation levels are when a donation is incentivized with gifts, this makes the donation partially deductible and you have to declare the value of the gifts. For anything that is not for regular sale, or will not be ever, you can indicate that value of the raw materials used to produce the item.

Ideally, the value of the perk is much less than the total donation - you want your donors to get perks for giving, not make purchases. If you find that the value of your perks are matching or exceeding the total donation, you would need to raise the total donation or reconsider which perks you give away.

How Can I Add Donation Levels to My Fundraiser?
Donation Levels can be used in two ways: as a physical reward to incentivize your donors, or as a way to demonstrate the impact your donors can make by giving at that donation amount.


Using Donation Levels to Demonstrate a Donor's Impact
Donation levels are a great way to show how a donor can make a difference. For example, you can have a donation level priced at $25 that provides school supplies for students. If you're running a fundraiser for a friend, a $25 donation level could cover the cost of that friend's dinner while they're in the hospital. Donors will then know how they're contributing to the cause!

Using Donation Levels as a Reward

Material: Offer a piece of swag, like a t-shirt or mug, to spread the word about your nonprofit or personal fundraiser. 

Personal: An acknowledgement for donating, a social media conversation, a handwritten thank-you note or another kind of interaction between you and your donors.

Experiential: A unique experience, like tickets to your next public talk or an hour with you and your team in the field.

Include Images of Your Donation Levels in Your Story Text
Your donors will want to see what they’ll receive for supporting you. Be sure to use high-quality images to showcase your donation levels in the best light!

How to Set Up a Fundraiser

How to Set Up a Fundraiser

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