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Harmony Bridge Library


The Harmony Bridge program includes a custom library of music, presently containing some 60 songs for small ensemble.

Consisting primarily of American folksongs, these songs are familiar to the senior population and will assuredly trigger fond memories.


There are presently three volumes of music:

  • Beginner — 3 parts — like or mixed instruments; optional percussion

  • Intermediate — 4 parts plus percussion

  • Advanced — 5 parts plus percussion


The music is intended to be very accessible on each of its respective levels. The arrangements are not overly demanding on range or technique so the focus can be on

playing musically, with good balance, blend, intonation, articulation, style, etc.


Of course, playing a piece of music with one on a part is far more challenging than playing the same piece in a large ensemble. And with the flexible instrumentation the students will learn quickly about balance — esp. when using different combinations of woodwinds and brass.


Instrumentation is flexible so the pieces can be played with many combinations of instruments.

Since there are parts for all instruments, it can be rehearsed, and even performed, as a full band as well.


 The charts are basically melody and accompaniment and the melody is constantly being passed from voice to voice, so everyone gets a chance to play the tune.

The melody is identified with brackets throughout the arrangements. This is to increase awareness of having the tune, or perhaps more importantly, NOT having the tune, so as to be supportive.



Most importantly, the arrangements are intended to be fun to play and fun to hear!

Music Demo

Music Demos

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